Thursday, June 17, 2010

A blog for fun

So, It's been a while since I've had enough time on my hands to do something fun like this. I have a very simple idea, and I am very impatient to get started on it. Simply, it's this: I have decided to read a random wikipedia article from top to bottom and give my input. I guess you could say I'm starting a nikipedia, if you will... too bad I didn't choose that for my blog's url.

In any case let's get started. Today's random article is:

The letter "T". Great way to start (sarcasm). Upon first impression of this article I was actually very surprised to find that "T" is the second most common letter in the English language. I very soon lost interest in the article... Probably because it's about the usage and pronunciation. It doesn't even give a history of the poor ol' consonant. But let me tell you, it was laden with T's in fact, I haven't seen that many T's since that last girl's gone wild.

*Editor's note* I swear the next post will probably be better. I mean... come on, the letter T? How much can you actually write about that? I mean Jesus, at least I squeezed out a chuckler at the end.